Fundamentals of Professional Practice (FOPP)

We are pleased to announce this important member benefit for TCEL Member Firms.

TCEL has become a sponsor of the Fundamentals of Professional Practice program.  Members of sponsors, like TCEL, SAVE $1,000 PER PERSON, and TCEL gets a commission, too! More than 2,000 people have gone through this course; many are, today, their firms’ CEOs. What is FOPP

Fundamentals of Professional Practice program, a unique six-month course designed specifically for a firm’s rising stars: younger men and women who are about to become or just recently have become project managers, AND people that a firm’s leadership regards as the future of the firm.

This program will awaken younger practitioners to what it is to be a professional. It will involve them in a rewarding business-research project for your firm. It will teach them more about good writing than any other course they have ever taken and likely will ever take.

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