Membership Requirements

Before considering membership, it would be beneficial to verify your firm meets the basic eligibility requirements of TCEL. The membership of this organization is comprised entirely of firms actively engaged in providing geoprofessional services – firms operating under the laws of Texas.

Details on membership requirements are provided in the first four Articles of TCEL's Bylaws. Article IV provides a description of the process by which applicant firms are approved for membership in by TCEL's Executive Board. A key eligibility requirement is that all services of a TCEL Member Firm must be under the direction and supervision of a professional engineer licensed in the State of Texas.

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Membership Dues

Dues are calculated based on all technical staff, regardless of discipline, employed in State of Texas as of January 1 of the current year, and a rate of $40.00 per technical employee (include engineers, technicians, drillers, loggers, helpers, and technical support; exclude administrative). The minimum and maximum annual dues will be $500.00 and $2,500.00 respectively. Use the Membership Dues Statement to calculate your dues. You can pay by check or online with the button below.

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